Cannavaro: Insigne is Napoli. Mancini is Italy



The current football in the judgments of the former world champion defender in 2006 with the Azzurri: Lorenzo chooses to stay and be a symbol. The coach is dictating the line to everyone “

The world is in that ball that, bouncing back to China, brings with it the mysterious charm of a surreal era, between tyrants who take Europe and Italy and dreamlike horizons in which to pursue fairy tales or hopes. England is the master race of an Old Continent that has just come out of Spanish rule and Juventus is the Mistress of a Bel Pese who discovers wrinkles and pure cracks: it all happened so fast that it has become complicated to succeed in to see a reason or find a cause – even if only one – of these two vast, various Empires, which have monopolized distant and pure, footballing, homogeneous universes. And maybe you don’t need a magnifying glass to understand how many and which ones have distanced Juventus’s distances from Italy and Italy from the rest of Europe, follow the dynamics of this “revolution” that has become a domain, observe it with the almond-shaped eyes of Fabio Cannavaro, who sift the grass to find a four-leaf clover that still gives hope.

Cannavaro, seen from inside a Golden Ball, what does football look like?
“That the English are the best and the most organized, not just the richest. They have an overall vision that adds to an atmosphere and a competitive rhythm useful to make the difference “.


From: Corriere Dello Sport.

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