From Insigne and Pinamonti to women, let’s go back to dreaming with the Italian style



Italy has done like summer: it’s done
wait. But once it arrived, the explosion was
uproariously. All within a few days. Indeed very few.
First the Under 20 team that won the second semi-final
consecutive to the World Cup category, then the senior national team that
has scrambled Greece by already mortgaging a
cutting for the next European 2020, and finally the female
that has kept over three million fans glued to TV before
to cheer for the success at the world photo debut
against Australia.

And so, within a few days the desire (and the
hunger) of blue has become contagious. It has spread
like wildfire. Without age or gender distinctions.
Perhaps he had never registered such a passion
transversal for the national team in all its forms. “This
is the football we love, what we need to raise,
what we need to rediscover, “he said proudly
president Gabriele Gravina yesterday.
Because I believe that the football so lived reveals
all its splendid dimensions. These girls have been
extraordinary and many Italians have had the
possibility of experiencing emotions that we did not remember from
different time and therefore we must certainly praise them, we must
understand how important it is at this time to make the most of what
beautiful around this wonderful game .
Words to which echo those of the ct Mancini on the eve
of the European qualifying match against Bosnia.
“Italy had champions in all roles, it was
impossible not to find good players “.

From: Il Mattino.

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