De Laurentiis: “Cristiano Ronaldo is the true Juve coach”



The president of Napoli on the sidelines of the forum at the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio: “Insigne wanted to leave before the clarification with Raiola, I can’t force him to stay”

ROME – Cristiano Ronaldo is strong because he replaced the coach with his presence in this championship, because the coach more than he did in these years what was he to do? The real motivator is Ronaldo, he is the dressing man . These are the words of the president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis who speaks thus at the end of the first season of CR7 with the Bianconeri jersey. “ When I saw him play with his national team, he was sitting on the bench driving and shouting more than the coach to make them win – the Neapolitan patron continued on the sidelines of the ‘Football we want’ forum organized at the headquarters of ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ in Rome – Regeneration? I can’t afford it. My parents have always taught me that one has to take the step according to one’s leg. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone because I’ve always been successful in my life, from the age of 25 when I made my first film “, concluded De Laurentiis.

SU INSIGNE – Insigne will play in Napoli next season? I know that he is a player from Napoli, he is from Napoli. Then he has always shown a great attachment to the shirt, if then this great responsibility to be also Neapolitan played in the past and could play an idiosyncrasy with those fans in the future, I say that they are not fans, I certainly can’t force him to remain against his will . These are the words of the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis , who thus comments to those who ask him about Lorenzo Insigne’s stay in the city of Napoli for the next season. “ He repeatedly asked me four years ago or six years ago to leave because he didn’t feel loved. He also asked me about it before the clarifying meeting with Mino Raiola , concluded the Neapolitan patron on the sidelines on the sidelines of the forum” The football we want “organized at the headquarters of” Il Corriere dello Sport “in Rome .

“UNBEATABLE” PLAYOFF AND PLAYOUT “ -” Playoffs and playouts in Serie A? In my opinion it is an unworkable proposal, which pepper would you give? I was doing the calculations yesterday: Juventus has 13 points more than Napoli, which in turn has 10 points more than Inter, so Napoli is like a second Juventus of Italian football. Napoli has 14 points ahead of Roma and Milan, we are talking about very important companies . This is the thought of the president of Napoli on the hypothesis of inserting the playoffs and the playouts also in the Serie A championship. “I believe that we must make a serious reflection on a primary issue and stop just thinking about the real stadium but above all the virtual stadium – underlined the number one of the Neapolitan club on the sidelines of the forum “The football we want” organized at the headquarters of “Il Corriere dello Sport” in Rome – because when we turn to the virtual stadium we are talking about 20-25 million fans in Italy and 300-400 million in the world. Instead when we talk about stadiums we talk about Sundays where at most we have tens of thousands of presences “.

From: Corriere Dello Sport.

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