De Laurentiis: “I don’t buy Icardi. James Rodriguez and Lozano? Let’s see”



The blue patron closes the doors on the arrival of the Argentine

NAPLES “No. I do not buy Icardi . Aurelio De Laurentiis , intercepted at the assembly of the Assonime, commented in this way, to the microphones of Sportmediaset, the market rumors that the Argentine attacker of Inter in the focus of Napoli . Possibility denied decisively and repeatedly by the blue patron, “I don’t buy it” . But those of Icardi is certainly not the only name on the plate in the blue market and, if on the one hand De Laurentiis has closed for the Argentine, on the other hand, the president has not done likewise with regard to any arrivals of James Rodriguez ( “Let’s see” , was the comment of the president) and of Lozano ( “Let’s see also for him” , declared De Laurentiis).

From: Corriere Dello Sport.

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