The ongoing problem of racism in Italian football

Photo credit: CNN “racism in football”

Racism and Italian Soccer

When speaking of the recent Boxing day, or St. Stephen’s day showdown, which took place at Milan’s San Siro stadium, It wasn’t Napoli’s defeat that was the main subject of many headlines.  Instead it was the death of an Inter Milan supporter and racism within the sport. These days it’s a bit unbelievable to think racism is still an issue, especially when discussing the exhilarating and astonishing game of Soccer.  However unbelievable, it’s factual.  The recent death of an Inter-Milan supporter calls attention to a bigger problem, on and off the field. Racism.  The issue reaches beyond Italy and appears to be an on-going problem throughout European Soccer. It was later revealed that the Inter fan was killed by a member of the ultras who was arrested days later.

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