The Valencia opens the auction for Rodrigo: base price 70 million euros



Napoli and Rodrigo increasingly distant. To bring the news back to these hours is the Spanish newspaper Marca, which explains Valencia’s strategy regarding the Brazilian-born striker and on the field these days with the Iberian national team. The club of Aurelio De Laurentiis was the first to go under with the Valencian society for the purchase of the 1991 class tip, but the offer of 35 million was deemed too low.

The Valencia values Rodrigo around 70 million euros, a disproportionate figure and certainly far from the Napoli market standards. The Spaniards, however, know well that they can unleash an auction on the European market in the coming weeks, so they pull the rope. On him there are also Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Fonseca’s new Roma but, it is read, it is difficult to think that Napoli tries to raise by increasing the first offer already delivered too.

From: Il Mattino.

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