Inter, the Conte effect has already # 224; bewitched the Nerazzurri



Something was understood around June 20th, just three weeks after arriving (May 31st), when the Inter season tickets had already reached # 224; touched 35 thousand and traveled towards sold out. They renamed it & # 171; Conte effect & # 187 ;. The first sign of how good the choice was to entrust him with the Nerazzurri bench. A courageous decision, given Antonio’s Juventus past. Suning was able to see first hand the work of the former national team coach, when he started to see an Inter plus in the pre-season; solid and compact with the 3-5-2, although there were no strikers available, with Icardi separated at home and the distance at the time with Manchester United for Lukaku. With a lot of public scrutiny by Conte to the company & # 224; (19 July) for the non-arrival of the requested reinforcements. Then, the market accelerated, players arrived, athletic and tactical work & # 232; continued between concentration, strict rules and discipline and the run-up to Juventus and Napoli & # 232; game. With enthusiasm: almost 65 thousand spectators present at the San Siro for the debut and a 4-0 that left no way to Lecce, a sacrificial victim. Conte cheered (making the Juventus fans angry on the social networks), celebrated and called everyone back to order: & # 171; Head to Cagliari & # 187 ;, at the second of the 38 very long championship stages. Only at the end will you understand & # 224; if the gap with Juventus and Napoli will be # 224; been really bridged. Meanwhile, congratulations have come from Steven Zhang who is presented to Appiano Gentile together with Beppe Marotta. They s & # 236 ;, happy for the Conte effect.
To cancel the gap & # 232; a small cut with the past was also decided. No song & # 171; Pazza Inter & # 187 ;, a sort of unofficial anthem. Only the & # 171; C ‘& # 232; only Inter & # 187; of Elio and the strained stories. A choice of the club shared by Conte who already # 224; in July, at the presentation conference, it was clear: & # 171; more & # 249; a crazy but strong and regular team & # 187 ;. Now it only needs continuity # 224; and still a lot of work. Inter & # 232; on the right track and with Lukaku, the new protg of San Siro, he has already # 224; forgotten the whims of Icardi.

From: Il Mattino.

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