James Rodriguez says yes to Napoli. Ancelotti waits for Ilicic



The Colombian would be happy to dive into the new adventure with the technician

NAPLES – Approaching maneuvers between the Napoli < / strong> and James Rodriguez started according to market dynamics and now it’s the turn of the tug of war between the parties. Between those who want to sell, do not sell off, and those who want to buy, do not spoil. We will have to find a cross in this negotiation that is not easy but started from a little ‘. And that has the blessing of James Rodriguez. When James Rodriguez broke away from Bayern Munich , Napoli decided to take the road to Madrid , through useful visits to get an idea of what would have been useful: the forty-two million of the ransom, to which the Germans have escaped, represent an enormity, but one can talk about it. Or, you can proceed by pursuing other formulas, for example a loan. Then there is James Rodriguez’s contract, fluctuates around six million five hundred thousand and expires in 2021: this is also a dimension in which to approach planning and spreading.

The Colombian does not exclude Ilicic , on which the Atalanta who will oppose the temptation of his Slovenian talent and will want to convince him to stay, to live the Champions in the Nerazzurri and not simply in blue. But the Napoli must give amplitude to its looks, it remains to look again in the Real house for Theo Hernandez , with some perplexity on the character estate, and it does not stop to observe between Holland and Messi, house- Lozano , because you never know what can happen.

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