Manolas like Totti-Tudor: You took three, at home “



The Napoli defender reminds his opponent of the elimination suffered against Roma with the decisive goal of the Greek

Detroit (United States) – A gesture and few words are enough to bring back to the minds of the fans some great episodes of the past. And so here in the challenge between Napoli and Barcelona lost by 4-0 by the Neapolitans intrigues an episode that has as protagonists Manolas and Luis Suarez . We are in the first half and the two players have been teasing each other for several minutes. At one point Manolas looks at the Uruguayan striker, raises his hand and gives him the sign of the three : “You took three. At home, at home” . The reference is to the Champions League challenge between Rome and Barcelona on 10 April 2018 won by 3-0 by the Capitoline and decided precisely by a goal by the Greek defender.

The gesture of the Greek defender, who spent this summer from Roma to Napoli, almost perfectly recalls what he did Francesco Totti to Igor Tudor in a Roma-Juventus 15 years ago. It was a game without history dominated by the Capitoline formation that imposed itself on Juventus with a sound 4-0. That match is also remembered for the squabble between the Giallorossi number 10 and the Croatian defender with Totti’s final gesture when he left the field, four fingers to the opponent and then: “They are 4 goals, go home “.

From: Corriere Dello Sport.

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