Napoli, assault on Ilicic



Left-handed, brilliant midfielder, Al San Paolo shooter impressed by changing the course of the game by himself. And Ancelotti really likes

NAPLES – Not that there was any need, because his graffiti with his left foot is full of chronicles and it is very easy to get attracted by football, but maybe the last performance donated to the San Paolo, so to speak, has definitively eliminated the doubts about it: and so Josip Ilicic , a pure talent that in his career has so far collected significantly less than his class deserved, is over in the viewfinder of Napoli . In the long list of names that Ancelotti is evaluating for the future of his team: he likes it and above all Davide, his son and his deputy. As well as the true discoverer of the family of Fabian Ruiz. Of the family, yes: the blue club was already treating him before Carletto arrived and in the end everyone lived happily, happily and agreed on the Andalusian theme. But this is another story. What instead deserves the cover concerns the 31-year-old Slovenian playmaker of Atalanta : a delightful player, we said, that once physical continuity has been rediscovered it has begun to show. To affect and decide: how and much more than the best times of Palermo and Fiorentina. Enough to end up in the list of the Ancelotti Second Part.

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