Napoli, here is Lozano: all the figures of the deal



Raiola has started again taking away certainties about Hirving’s future: “You’ll soon know”

NAPLES – In Mino veritas: because (almost) everything depends on him and sometimes it takes little, even less than a day, to let that sense of precariousness, that patina, evaporate of diffidence. It is made, however, it cannot be said, because in football it goes like this, as also very recent precedents teach: however, in the garish smile of Mino Raiola and in that “you will soon know” that it is almost “extorted”, amicably, to the Capodichino airport there is practically the sense of a blitz during twenty hours. It is made according to the economic conditions that were known and yet with an unexpected timing, which allows Napoli to “breathe” economically and without feeling suffocated by an immediately massive donation: the forty-two million that the PSV claimed were honored, without delay and without discounts, they can be paid in four convenient annuities. And it is not cheap.