Napoli, stop the referees of Florence & # 8203; but no TV test for Mertens



If not & # 232; a world record, we miss it little: two are enough
Serie A matches and the first failures for the players arrive
referees. Perch & # 233; Massa and Valeri, the referee and the Var of
Fiorentina-Napoli go towards suspension. At least for one
day. The arbitration summits will not use them in the next one
championship round and they are expected to return after the break.
Which does not mean starting from the third day, because & # 233;
maybe they can be stopped even more; long. Massa e
Valeri are two of the top Italian whistles and the decision
looks very hard and & # 232; linked to the errors that, according to
chief of the arbitrators, the two committed in the match of the

From: Il Mattino.

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