Napoli, James Rodriguez plus Lozano: the formula of De Laurentiis



The president confirms the interest in the Colombian and thinks about the double blow

NAPLES – What is a we will see ” if not a manifestation of intent, a precise will to be cloaked in dialectical prudence? It is not a no, absolutely, and yet it knows of a yes, it has vague features of it, or in any case it resembles a domineering desire to which one does not want (one would not) give up? “We will see” , inside a microphone, it is a clear admission to be plunged into a wonderful Idea – to take together James Rodriguez and Lozano – and then throw open arms in a horizon to conquer: it will be hard, but it is meanwhile (all) absolutely true that in the folds of the market, among the difficulties that flow, there is fresh air and pure talent.