Napoli, the pressure of the people is strong blue to San Paolo


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Pwer a time, the second of the game against Brescia, the San
Paul returns to impress. To be the one that struck the
two Argentine Jorge Valdano and Roberto Fontanarrosa. From the stands
get the push that was missing for a long time, it fails to go
besides the discontent and the guerrillas technicians Bar and turn and
team, so that at Brescia Corini seems to have the wind
Conversely, a boat fitzgeraldiana pushed back into the past, rowing
countercurrent despite having a three-pronged attack with Matri
overtaken in Donnarumma and Balotelli who brought her daughter Pia
in the field and put a ball past Ospina struggling
against an abnormal defense set up by Carlo Ancelotti sewing a
from the bench parachute with Di Lorenzo center, assisted by
Luperto, Hjsay and Ghoulam after the Manolas outputs and

From: Il Mattino.

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