Napoli, minivacanza before Inter: Fabian at the sea, Callejon in Madrid



Victory against Spal, then the mini break the lines: yes, Napoli will be found only tomorrow at the technical center of Castel Volturno to be able to prepare the last race of the year at the San Paolo against Inter Spalletti, so some blue could take advantage of 48 hours of stop to greet the city and enjoy a few hours of leisure.

Surprise for Fabin Ruiz, the Spanish midfielder flown to Lisbon by his sister Yamila and ready to indulge in the Portuguese sun. Sea for him as for Allan who, after Ferrara’s goal, found the beloved Thais to whom he had dedicated the network.

Family hours in Bologna for Simone Verdi and his partner Laura, while Jos Callejon and Marta took advantage of the hours off to return home to Madrid, where the two lived when the blue outside wore Real’s jersey.

From: Il Mattino.

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