Napoli, new baby asked the Roma: 2002 Bove in Milik negotiations


One more month to close negotiations, but it seems far away the understanding between the Roma and the Napoli for the deal that could bring in blue Cengiz Under and to take the reverse path to Arkadiusz Milik . As reported by Sky Sports the parties would still not found a proper agreement, but it continues to deal with Guintoli that would have detected a new piece to be included in the deal.

It is Edoardo Bove , in 2002 the young talent that is part of the Giallorossi youth (and the national Under-18) with which he has been able to show in recent months the Spring Championship. Bove would take the place of Riccardi – another young man who was interested in the club blue – and accompany Under in a deal that keeps still far Napoli and Rome. search Brands

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