Napoli, all set for Verdi at Turin



There is an understanding between the Neapolitans and the grenade

NAPLES – The incoming market but then also the outgoing one: and go to understand the priority to those who belong and who blocks who. Napoli and Turin have brought the work forward, but for quite a while, and the last phone call between De Laurentiis and Cairo was enough to reach a satisfactory economic pact for both. Simone Verdi is theoretically a grenade, but Napoli does not want, nor can he afford to stay with one man less and expects an official arrival – Lozano or James , do you – before signing the dossier that would enforce the operation. It is essential, at this point, that there be a shock and that Ancelotti has the offensive exterior that allows him to shape the game of couples: and magically, on first arrival, here is the immediate next departure, destination the Turin-grenade.