Raiola in Napoli to close Lozano, but Chucky gets injured



Fates are sometimes strange: other times they are almost mocking
and they cross moments, moments and stories that can tie for years
the protagonists. Everything happens yesterday evening, between 8.50pm and
9pm: Mino Raiola, coming in a private plane from Nice,
he lands at Napoli airport, finding him to welcome him too
a driver ready to escort him for the meeting with Aurelio De
Laurentiis at the Hotel Vesuvio went on until late in the evening.
The closure of the Lozano affair is very close: Raiola,
already today, it could start again. The details of must be filed
a negotiation already very well underway: 4.5 million to
soccer player, about 42 at PSV. Raiola is in town for
define the contours of a transfer that should not be
undermined by that mocking fate mentioned at the beginning:
because, just in the minutes when Raiola landed in Napoli,
Lozano played the last remnants of PSV-Ado den Hag. deployed
holder for the first time in the season due to the fracture of the
clavicle of Gaston Pereiro, Lozano takes a first beam a
half fraction to then raise the white flag to 50 ‘, in
a match started at 8pm: an almost incalculable coincidence, a
right ankle injury that forced the Mexican to
getting out of the field with arms, accompanied by staff members
doctor. The outcome of the instrumental exams for the next few hours
will certify the extent of the accident: only
in the event of an important stop, the deal will be put into

From: Il Mattino.

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