Twenty journalists recount The goal of the Azzurri champions


“I interrupt from St. Paul,” a classic phrase heard during connections “All the soccer minute by minute”, the radio program who has just turned sixty. Now is the title of the book of Peter Nardiello, published by Publisher Giammarino (p. 184, 13.50, the preface to the president of the journalists Carlo Verna), with the collaboration of twenty journalists. Twenty regular visitors of the St. Paul and other stages that have told as many players networks that have helped make the history of Napoli: from Sivori to Maradona, from Savoldi Mertens, Juliano to Insigne. Many stories in which the protagonists do not see the goal, or can not see it, but I listen to the radio, imagining the characters’ exploits.

The authors of the texts: Emma Di Lorenzo, Adriana De Maio, Maria Teresa Baldi, Argia Di Donato, Gabriella Galbiati, Tweety Improta, Daniela Volpecina, Yolanda Corradino, Francesca Flavio, Ilaria Mennozzo, Serena Li Calzi, Renata Scielzo, Alessia Bartiromo, Taisia Raio, Melina Di Marino, Sabrina Bird, Sonia Sodano, Gabriella Calabrese, Nunzia Marciano and Valeria Grasso . search Brands

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