Icardi at Napoli, all in 48 hours. And Llorente …



The days granted by the Neapolitan club to the Nerazzurri striker cannot expand to infinity. The B & # 232 plan; Spanish, with which there is # 232; gi & # 224; a pact …

NAPLES – & # 160; If it comes out, it comes out: time twenty-four, maximum forty-eight hours, then it will come & # 224; written the word end, caler & # 224; the curtain in front of the penalty area of Napoli and we will know, definitely, how it will be; He is gone. You will exit # 224; from these long, interminable silences, which weighed down the air; and you will exit & # 224; from the distance dualism – not technical, non-tactical – between Maurito Icardi and Fernando Llorente : you will enter # 224; in real life, a signature, the contract, all this # 242; that stops becoming fiction and turns into reality & # 224; and then you will leave # 224; that Big Ben sounds at its time.

Marotta against Wanda Nara: “None asked Icardi to stay “

Wanda Nara: “Icardi is not waiting for Juve, for me it remains at Inter “

But here we are, & # 232; still a blink, even the ultimatums expire and become common sense: c & # 8217; & # 232; a window, of moderate size, ch & # 8217; & # 232; remained ajar, from l & # 236; inside it will be # 224; It is possible to let a thread of voice filter through – valid for a s & # 236; or even for a no d & # 8217; Icardi – and otherwise we will proceed # 224; according to promises made in an unsuspected era and placed on the market table.

Cristiano Giuntoli s & # 8217; & # 232; brought the work forward, he treated (also) with Fernando Llorente, did it for a whole week, then proceeded to make a pact, in front of a steak in Florence, in a restaurant that is near Coverciano: Saturday, in the lunch appointment with the management of the Basque striker, one who in his life scored two hundred or so goals, won (almost) all that he was up for, knows Italy, the language and must not face any problem of acclimatization, yes & # 232; come to the point, a two-year, two and a half million euro, with the pact between gentlemen that as soon as it is; Once the dilemma (Icardi s & # 236; or Icardi no) was resolved, there would have been contact to fix the federal correspondence. Tomorrow & # 232; another day, it was said in the cinema, and can be # 242; be that of Fernando Llorente … & # 160;

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