Napoli, as Mario Rui runs: from possible redundancy to owner



Want and power. Mario Rui knows it well, which is no longer late of
two months ago he was down # 224; preparing the suitcase, emptying
the cabinet and devoting himself to the ritual greetings with the companions of the
Napoli. In fact, his destiny seemed to be written far from Castel
Voltuno and far from the blue jersey, the one dressed (between high and
low) for two seasons. With these premises, therefore, it would have been
at least difficult to imagine in the 11 holder chosen by
Carlo Ancelotti for the first official race of the season, the
Florence trip. And instead the coach of Napoli, one who
& # 232; usually surprise with surprising moves, he didn’t have any
problem in entrusting to the Portuguese fullback the task of
guard the left wing and keep the talentino dei
viola Federico Chiesa.

From: Il Mattino.

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