Napoli, j’accuse of De Laurentiis: In the curves they sell drugs


” I managed to get 25 million for the Universiade and I pretended to be part of the Committee to understand how this money would be managed “. Aurelio De Laurentiis in the round, at the Corriere dello Sport forum, talks about the Italian stadium problem. “We will see a Saint Paul turned over thanks to this event and I intend to invest even more money”.

The example of Juventus, however, is there for all to see. But Juve, let’s not forget, had 75 million free from SportFive for making the naming rights of the structure expire. And on the 125 million used for the stadium there are so many , specifies De Laurentiis. “The Agnelli family has a particular power over the Region”. Situation different from that of Napoli. We will soon have a renewal of the agreement with the very long Municipality and that will give us the opportunity to invest. Other teams also have stadiums: Udinese, Sassuolo, Frosinone, did it serve to avoid ranking problems? No. But the stadium problem is a minus, because right now we are producing an old and boring football, far from European standards. Is there healthy support in the curves? No, the healthy part is threatened by the bad part that peddles drugs in our stadiums. We have the most corrupt country in the world .

From: Il Mattino.

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