Napoli, Gaetano’s agent: “Predestined? It’s early, let it grow



The prosecutor Giulio Dini: Future? The context will be decisive, whether A or B. His debut is also a prize for the youth managers who believed in him “

NAPLES – “ predestined Gianluca? It’s still early, let’s grow it “. So Giulio Dini, agent of Gaetano , fresh from Serie A debut against yesterday’s Spal race. “ It was also a prize for the youth managers who have always believed in him and followed the boy’s growth path – he continues to the microphones of ‘Un Calcio Alla Radio’, broadcast by Umberto Chiariello broadcast on Radio CRC -. Now we must leave it free to grow, but I am calm because Gianluca is a boy with his head on his shoulders. Future? He needs to play and I think the best solution is to make him go to loan to accumulate experience It is a quality footballer who since January has been part of the first team on a permanent basis, also growing temperamentally. We need the best solution to make it grow well. Serie A or in B? We can not know in advance what will be the category for Gianluca: it is the context that counts, it will be decisive regardless of the category. Ancelotti ? He takes part in the group of players he believes is up to date, and this is already a certificate of esteem. Gianluca can only learn from a sacred monster like Ancelotti and is very focused on what to assimilate in his game to grow better – concludes Dini – “.

From: Corriere Dello Sport.

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