Hysaj at Inter, in Albania I am sure: “But now I only think about holidays”



Race as a protagonist with his Albania, 90 minutes on the field to beat Moldova 2-0 and take the second victory in the qualifying round next 2020 European Championships. For Elseid Hysaj, a definitely positive night with the Albanian national team, but the future in Napoli returns to be a problem, undressed as a national team.

“We did very well, I like the football we are playing,” said the blue back at Supersport at the end of the match. “We have scored, won, we must enjoy this performance now.” However, it is impossible not to talk about the future. According to Albanian media in the last hours, the Neapolitan full-back would be close to switching to Inter. “For now, my future will be the holidays that will begin tomorrow. I want to enjoy them to the full, I have nothing else to add, “Hysaj cut short.

From: Il Mattino.

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