Napoli, now all about James: all the competitors have disappeared



Details. Not insignificant, but in any case (economic) matters
which can be overcome. Yes, that’s the time
good: Lozano and Napoli are one step away from total understanding.
Very close. In short, the deal is virtually done. With
the blessing of Carlo Ancelotti who inserted the player in
top of the wish list since last December.
Probably, in first place on the list, even before James.
Complex operation, where the Napoli will try again for
a few hours not to pay in full the 42 million clause
euro (it is the most expensive purchase in the history of the
Napoli), with Raiola that before flying to Portugal for
meet the emissaries of Flamengo and discuss Balotelli, ha
contacted the top management of the PSV to communicate that by now the die
is stretched and the Mexican already has luggage

From: Il Mattino.

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